Kartik talks about social distancing

Mumbai: Bollywood star Kartik Aaryan took to social media to deliver a Pyaar Ka Punchnaama style monologue about the importance of social distancing in fighting the Coronavirus pandemic.

Aaryan was not the only celebrity to talk about being cautious against the pandemic but stood out with his style.

The actor, who shot to fame with his monologues, made a fervent appeal to his fans to heed the advice of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who during an address to the nation recently urged people to stay at home.

The target of the actor's monologue were people who are treating social distancing and work from home as an excuse to mingle with others.

"It's not the summer holidays, have some shame. IPL, NBA, Premier League, schools, colleges, everything is closed. Movie releases have been postponed, but you won't stop," the actor said in his monologue.

Aaryan said one should be ready as the virus spread could get bigger in the coming days. He also asked people to, at least, take American immunologist, Anthony Fauci, seriously, who has advised people to stay at home.

"Don't travel or meet people, do Netflix, work from home, spend time with parents and trust each other" advised Aaryan.

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