Kangana's team slams Swara for defending Karan

Kangana Ranaut's team lashed out at Swara Bhasker, accusing her of fawning over Karan Johar. Their tweet was in response to Swara defending Karan in the nepotism debate, saying that he was gracious enough to respond to Kangana's comments on 'Koffee with Karan' and did not get them removed from the final cut of the episode.

"Swara, while doing 'chaploosi' (excessive flattery), please do not forget that Kangana had graced the show after many requests. She was the superstar and Karan was the paid host, so it is not for him to remove anything if the channel wants it and her voice needs no Karan to reach people," Kangana's team wrote on 'Twitter'.

Recently, Swara had defended Karan in the nepotism row and tweeted, "Let us take a moment and acknowledge that Karan took this question on the chin and answered in a candid and honest manner, not taking unwarranted personal offense. Let us also acknowledge that he did not have the infamous nepotism comment removed from his chat show, which he could have."

Swara had earlier shared a video in which she asked Karan about working with star kids, much before Kangana's now-famous 'Koffee with Karan' episode. She wrote, "Oooooh! Look who started the fire!"

In the video, Swara asked Karan about launching star kids and said that the practice seems almost 'feudalistic' to her.

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