Kangana Ranaut feels COVID-19 could be 'potential bio war'

Mumbai: Actress Kangana Ranaut feels the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic could be a "potential bio war" unleashed in a scenario where nations are trying to gain economic supremacy over each other.

"Our huge concern for economy has landed us all in the situation where we are with no concern for human well being. This could also be a potential bio war where countries are trying to get down each other's economies," she told India Today, according to a report in

The actress, who is currently staying in her Manali residence, further said the coronavirus pandemic was a warning to all of us, adding that it was time for us to reflect as a nation. "We have to reflect as where we have landed as people, as a nation and why are we letting our greed, our senses guide us and not our consciousness. If this lockdown goes on for 21 days we will be two years behind economically, but if it goes beyond 21 days it is going to be a disastrous situation for our nation because we are a developing one," she pointed out.

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