Josh O'Connor describes Prince Charles as 'lost'

Josh OConnor describes   Prince Charles as lost

Josh O'Connor recently spoke about the new season of 'The Crown'. During his interview with 'Entertainment Weekly', the 30-year-old actor, who played Prince Charles, explained why he did not believe that Charles was the villain of season four.

"My job is to resist that in some ways," Josh shared with 'Entertainment Weekly'.

He added, "My dad was an English teacher and I grew up learning Shakespeare through him. One of the things that he used to say about all Shakespeare's villains was that whether it is Richard III or Lago, they do not believe themselves to be villains. They believe that what they are doing with their life's work is for the greater good and it makes sense to them."

"So just as with the Shakespeare villains, I did not want to play the character of Charles as a villain. I do not think he is," Josh explained.

The actor further said, "I think Prince Charles is someone who is very lost, as we see in season three. He is the same person as he was in that season. He needs something from Diana that she cannot offer him just as she needs from him something that he cannot offer her. So, it is a tragedy really. Yeah, I was really conscious not to play the ending as it was shown."

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