Johnny will not star in 'Pirates of the Caribbean' new film

Johnny will not star in Pirates of the Caribbean new film

Post Johnny Depp's messy lawsuit, 'Disney' has planned to move forward with the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' franchise in series or movies, with or without him.

The first film of the franchise, 'The Curse of the Black Pearl' was released back in 2003 and it was an immediate success thanks to its high doses of adventure and fun, in large part due to the brilliant and crazy interpretation of Depp like Sparrow. Since then, all films of the franchise performed extraordinarily well with a total collection that exceeds 4.5 billion dollars with its five films.

To make the new film without the film's star-Depp, 'Disney' is reportedly preparing the sixth film, which will be a spin-off to be led by women.

'Entertainment' insider Daniel Richtman recently tweeted, " 'Disney studio' has a 'Pirates of the Caribbean' cinematic universe in mind without Johnny Depp, as there are no indications that the actor can return to the franchise."

"In addition to the female spin-off, 'Disney' is preparing up to 10 'Pirates of the Caribbean' projects, which will include both films and series for streaming," added the insider.

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