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Jennifer feels like an 'outsider' in Hollywood

Jennifer feels like an outsider in Hollywood

Jennifer Lopez posted and featured a new video on her 'JLo Beauty Instagram' page. The 52-year-old singer spoke on the significance of Latin women becoming leaders. However, it was towards the end of the video when Ben Affleck's girlfriend revealed that she has never felt like she 'belonged in Hollywood', despite having been in almost 30 films. She also said that she still feels like an 'outsider'.

"I know it is so important for all of us to feel like we belong," she said in the video.

She added, "And like most people, there are so many times in your life where you feel like an outsider. I feel like that in Hollywood sometimes. I still feel that way. But the truth is, you just need your little tribe."

As she explained, it is far more important to accept oneself.

"I believe we all have this limitless power inside us that makes us unstoppable. I worked hard to get where I am today and I have learned that the only way to truly feel beautiful is to love and accept yourself fully for who you are," she admitted.

Meanwhile, as per 'Daily Mail', her debut film, 'My Family', starring Jimmy Smits and Constance Marie, was released in 1995. She went on to appear in blockbuster films such as 'Money Train', 'The Cell', 'The Wedding Singer' and 'Maid in Manhattan' before producing her films such as 'El Cantante', 'Second Act' and 'Hustlers'.

Lopez also noted that although it took two years to create 'JLo Beauty', she had been thinking about it for 20 years. She further went on to say how excited she is to be working with Sephora.

"Growing up, I had the most beautiful mom," she said, adding her

secret to glowing skin was olive oil. But she explained olive oil 'from the kitchen' is not the best for our skin, so she altered it. Interestingly, this

comes only days after the Bronx native posted a mini-movie to her 'Instagram' feed chronicling her vacation to

Venice, Italy.

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