Jaan Sanu makes explosive statement against dad

Jaan Sanu makes explosive statement against dad

Jaan Sanu is the latest one to be shown the door from 'Bigg Boss 14'. This weekend, he was the contestant who was evicted from the show and while he was there, he had run into a huge controversy when he said something about the Marathi language that left a political party extremely miffed and upset outside.

As he remained completely unaware inside the house from the hullabaloo that was created, his father veteran singer Kumar Sanu had joined the furore and apologised to the party on his son's behalf.

Not just that, Kumar also questioned Jaan's mother and his estranged wife Rita Bhattacharya on the upbringing she provided to their son. Later, Jaan made an explosive statement against his own father. He said, "Tell me something, my father left us when I was not even born. How could he question my upbringing and what would he even know about it? I do not think it was the right thing on his part to do. As far as I have seen the videos, nobody asked him for a comment and he came up with an assaulting derogatory video that raised questions on my 'parvarish'. I have solely grown up with my mother."

"If Salman sir has himself praised my upbringing, then there is no question of talking about it. I did not understand what my dad wanted, because first, he put out this video and then he immediately put out another video the very next day where he was praising me. If you have such twisted and changing opinions, then there would be no weight in your words. I want to have a word with him and ask him why he said what he did because it definitely hurt me. At the end of the day, he is my father. I love him and respect him, but I will have a better perspective when I speak to him," added Jaan.

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