'I've done films just for money and I will do so in future'

Ive done films just for money and I will do so in future

As an actor, Nawazuddin Siddiqui tried his hand at quite a lot of variety, be it playing a tough inspector in 'Kahaani', a menacing antagonist in 'Kick', or even biopics such as 'Thackeray' and 'Manto'. He never shied away from doing masala potboilers too and he is not at all apprehensive about doing more.

"There is nothing like I will not do them. The thing is, when I was in the 'National School of Drama' (NSD), we would do plays of every kind, be it in the Sanskrit language with Parsi songs, dialogue deliveries which were long and required us to shout, William Shakespeare and Anton Chekhov too. That is an actor's job to do roles of every kind," he quipped.

In a career spanning more than two decades, Siddiqui did more than 30 films and his journey in itself became an inspiration from blink and miss appearances to the leading man. He confessed that he indeed did some films only for the money he was being offered.

"Haan, maine paison ke liye films kari hain, aur aage bhi karunga. I do such films, where I am getting a lot of money, so that I can do good cinema, where I do not get money, or which I can do for free. I will not do it for free, but I did it for 'Manto' (2018) and I did not take any money. But for that three-four months process, I have to either do a film for money before or after it for a balance. It is only then you can do a Manto for free," he admitted.

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