It's easy to extrapolate out of critical world: Hugh Jackman

Actor Hugh Jackman says his forthcoming movie Logan is all about opening up your true self to the people you love as it is easy to extrapolate out of critical world, but the fun remains in putting yourself in someone else's shoes and live with those people you have nothing in common with.

When Jackman was asked if having his successor in the form of 11-year-old English-Spanish Dafne Keen shows the diversity that Hollywood is witnessing right now, he said, "The center of this movie is man who is terrified by love for good reason. It is easy to extrapolate out into the critical world. We have story of these innocent people trying to cross the border for safety... There are a lot of parallels you can draw. Sometimes, I think by saying that this is political movie, it takes away the heart of the movie which speaks to every single person on the planet. The film says that at what degree or level are you courageous enough to open your true self to the people you love. Not just show them the good bits... bits that are convenient."

Citing an example of how one can't choose their families, he said, "Sometimes families are annoying and frustrating, you don't get to choose it. You have to live with those people, you have nothing in common with unless you have same parents. It's such that there are deliberate parallels... One needs to put yourself in their shoes and that is what the movie is saying."

The Wolverine film saga started 17 years ago. Jackman has appeared as Wolverine in nine of the X-Men sagas. Writer-director James Mangold took the charge of bringing the character and his journey to a conclusion with Logan. He previously worked with Jackman on The Wolverine in the year 2013.

Even actor Patrick Stewart believes that even for political figures, it is important to understand the other people's situation.

"As far as actors are concerned, it is what we do every day – live other people's life. We become someone else and we are lucky to have a job like this. It does expand our horizon and awareness about what other people are and be because we have to live their lives. That is our job.
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