'It is unfair to diagnose Sushant's depression'

Actor Soni Razdan and writer Apurva Asrani debated over the death and depression of actor Sushant Singh Rajput on 'Twitter'.

Earlier, the veteran actor had taken to 'Twitter' to talk about the 'real issue' of Sushant's death - depression and mental illness and how it comes without reason. However, the writer disagreed and told her that it can be triggered by environmental factors like social isolation and stress at work.

In her recent tweet, Soni had written, "What is really bothering me in all this is the fact that the real issue - depression and mental illness - is now obfuscated by sound and fury. The point is that depression does not need a reason to engulf a person. It comes unbidden to the successful and to the rich as much as anyone else. Think about Robin Williams, Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain and countless others. When you talk around the main issue, you do a great disservice to all those who may be also suffering and think it is due to external circumstances, when in fact it is due to an internal one that the person suffering cannot control."

Apurva replied to the actor's tweet, "This is untrue ma'am. Depression can be triggered by environmental factors like social isolation and stressful workplace too. It

is unfair to diagnose Sushant's depression on 'Twitter'. But we do know of a campaign that labels him as a rapist, an unprofessional and a write off. It should not be covered up."

Then the actor explained herself further and wrote, "Mental illness is something that most people are born with. This is the only point I'm trying to make you understand. Triggers can be as many as possible and I agree."

The filmmaker corrected her again, "Again this is untrue. Most people are not born with mental illnesses. There are triggers that can cause the onset. Sadly, no one wants to discuss about it."

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