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'It is not necessary that whatever I do will be great'

It is not necessary that whatever I do will be great

Pankaj Tripathi is arguably in the best phase of his career: he is not only swamped with work but continues to garner applause for his every outing, regardless of the format.

But the actor, a scene-stealer in any film or web series he does, is a little concerned about 'disappointing' his fans if his work is not up to the mark, someday.

"I remember 10 days ago I met a group of people at the airport who were from the South and Bengal and they said when they see a shot of mine in a trailer, they feel they want to see the film as I will do something for sure," shared Tripathi.

He added, "There is a sense of responsibility too and that the day I mess up a little, people might be disappointed. I am also a human being. I do feel a little worried sometimes. It is not necessary that whatever I do will be great. It might be average but then people say that my average will be fine too."

The 45-year-old actor said he tries to concentrate on doing his job and believes in giving his 100 percent to every role.

"I try to maintain a balance of entertainment and sensitivity. I make sure the purpose is not missed," he admitted.

After years of struggle, Tripathi has been working round-the-clock and said he wishes to slow down a bit after honouring his prior commitments.

"This has not happened overnight. It has taken a lot of time to be here. I am 45 years old today and at this age, the success would not get to my head because you know and understand life. So, my perspective is a little different," Pankaj revealed.

He added, "I feel I need to slow down now and I will, after finishing my prior commitments. I have pre-COVID-19 commitments which will take six months or so. I will, after that, slow down a little bit because I need to look at physical health."

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