'It assuaged my guilt about moving on'

It assuaged my guilt about moving on

New Delhi: Actor Rasika Dugal says that she is grateful for the International Emmy award win for 'Delhi Crime', a series that she believes does not let the viewers forget the horrific night of December 16, 2012.

The Netflix India Original bagged the best drama series honour at the 48th International Emmy Awards.

Like countless many, Dugal was outraged by the crime but eventually moved on in her life. The show gave her a chance

to revisit the case once again and come to terms with it.

"In some ways, this experience of working on 'Delhi Crime' was almost cathartic for me. I felt it assuaged my guilt about moving on too quickly after this crime had happened. A lot of us felt a lot in December 2012, but once the din died around the case, then we all sort of slipped

back into the complacency of our lives. Revisiting

the story sort of assuaged that guilt for me in one sense," Dugal said in an interview.

Dugal said that the show will always remind the people of the country that they live in a society that allowed the Nirbhaya incident to happen.

"As a society, we are all responsible for what happened. Therefore, it is important to remember and not to forget. I think this serves as a reminder for all of us that we live in a society, which allowed a crime like this to happen. So revisiting it was not something that I wanted to do," said she.

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