'Inside Out 2' actor Paul Hauser apologises to Vin Diesel for his comments

Inside Out 2 actor Paul Hauser apologises to Vin Diesel for his comments

Los Angeles: "Inside Out 2" actor Paul Walter Hauser apologised for criticising Vin Diesel for his behaviour on set.

In his post shared through ‘Instagram’ on Sunday, Hauser said that he "shot his mouth off and made a careless, needlessly mean-spirited comment".

"A few weeks back, I made a random comment about Vin Diesel. It started somewhat humorous but unravelled into me dogging him out over behaviour I had heard about on multiple occasions from multiple sources," said the actor, who voices Embarrassment in "Inside Out 2", an animated movie about the emotions of a teenager.

The actor said that he was exhausted after a night shoot and a press day for the animated movie and ended up making the comments on Friday.

"I was exhausted and in my fatigued state, I shot my mouth off and made a careless, needlessly mean-spirited, comment. That comment was recorded and then went viral. Just here to say that I am sorry for having made that comment. I do indeed get riled up by some of the behaviour I’ve witnessed or heard about and “outing” people to any extent can feel momentarily satiating,” he said, tagging Diesel.

In an interview, Hauser ended up alluding to Diesel's behaviour on set by expressing his displeasure at being compared to the superstar who voices Groot in "Guardians of the Galaxy".

"Please don’t say that. I like to think I’m on time and approachable. Sorry, I love people, but when I hear stories about Hollywood actors who get paid really well and mistreat people, I out them constantly. And it’s a blast," Hauser told ‘CinemaBlend’ in an interview earlier.

Diesel has previously been the subject of rumours of on-set feud with "Fast and Furious" franchise co-star Dwayne Johnson, who aired his grievances in a post but deleted it later.

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