I'm very passionate about fitness: Suniel Shetty

At 55, actor Suniel Shetty has redefined health and fitness for Indian men. He says it's a great feeling and says he is passionate about it.

"I am someone who is very passionate about fitness and I very strongly believe that within us there is this champion who is willing to come out. It is only that inhibition that stops us... Age is just a number," said Suniel.

The actor is more than happy athat the younger generation is getting increasingly focused on fitness. "I am glad that the younger lot today are into training. Suddenly, I see a new generation of children coming up to me and saying 'Sir, respect. We are going to start training because of you'. If one can inspire an 18-year-old, nothing like it... So, I am very happy," he added.

Suniel has inaugurated a gym called SMAAASH Shivfit here in collaboration with celebrity crossfit expert Shivoham.Talking about the newly launched gym, Suniel said: "I think it is one of the finest outlets. I feel it's a different gym because it's about functional training and it involves day-to-day activities. It is very intense but at the same time a very electrifying atmosphere."

The actor also said everyday is a learning experience: "I face the camera every day as a student as there is a lot to learn. You become an actor when you put emphasis on
smaller details."
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