'I'm lucky that I can walk away from a job'

New Delhi: Julianna Margulies' disagreement with bosses at CBS network about her pay in The Good Wife sequel did not break into the media from the word go.

The actor, who led the critically-acclaimed legal drama as housewife-turned-litigator Alicia Florrick for seven years, decided to break her silence as she gradually realised she was "covering up the reasons" for not starring in 'The Good Fight'.

"... Whenever I do press someone asks me, why aren't you going on 'The Good Fight'? I had already said yes to going on 'The Good Fight'. It was CBS's decision not to pay me my salary. I realised that I just wasn't doing any service to the other women in my business by staying quiet."

"I felt very good about finally just letting the truth out and saying it's not that I don't want to do the show, it's that CBS has chosen not to value my contribution to the show, and therefore I won't be doing it," Margulies said.

She said it was "not a feud" with CBS and she is currently in a deal with the network.

Margulies, who won a Golden Globe and two Emmy awards for her performance in The Good Wife, said she is "lucky" to be at a juncture in her career where she can afford to turn down a project.

"I'm in a very lucky position that I can walk away from a job. Most actors can't do that. So I felt it was my responsibility to shed light on the fact that if I had been a man who have had a number one show on CBS for seven years and then there was a spinoff show, that man would have been paid much more than I was even asking for. I was only asking for my 'Good Wife' salary, which seemed fair and just," she said.PTI

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