I'm a way better napper than I'm a comedian: Vir Das

Indian stand-up comedy has really come of age and Vir Das believes now is the time to take it to international audiences.

His show 'Abroad Understanding' is now available on Netflix, the streaming website, that is home to celebrated international comedians like Amy Schummer and Aziz Ansari.

Das' Netflix Originals show talks about his personal journey and Indian sense of humour.

"What I'm looking forward to is sending Indian comedy to the world. People in China have never seen an Indian comedian.

People in Africa have never seen an Indian comedian.

"Netflix is this big platform that is known to work with the best comedians in the world. All the comedians that I've idealised are there. So, I'm just a struggler and that's very exciting. I feel very young and fresh for the first time," Das told PTI.

Das says he is happy with the way stand-up comedy is flourishing in India and people are taking it up as a profession.

Das started his career as a comedian when there were hardly any stand-up comics in the country but he says artistes like Johnny Lever and Anupam Kher always inspired him.

"There are so many people I admire. In India, there are Johnny Lever and Anupam Kher, while in the West, it is Chris Rock. These people write very well. They're all humble and very likeable on stage."

His comic timing is something which has made him favourite among fans but Das' acting and music talent are equally popular in the country.

When asked what comes naturally to him, Das jokes, "Sleep comes naturally to me. I'm a way better napper than I'm a comedian or an actor. But out of all the things that I do, I enjoy music a lot.

"Because when you're doing a film there are many crores that are dependent on you. Also, when you're doing a stand-up comedy show, there are thousands of people, who are dependent on you. But when you're playing music with a band, you're just dependent on five people and you can have a good time."

Das has a comedy-rock band Alien Chutney, which consists of Sidd Coutto, Johan Pais, Kaizad Gherda and Apurv Issac. The group is known for composing witty and edgy songs.

"We're writing right now. We're going to make a new album. We decided to throw out all of our old songs and write 12 brand new songs. So, we're working on that," Das says about the current status of his band.
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