'I work to express, not to impress'

Jubin Nautiyal is a soulful crooner who gets you hooked in the emotions of his song. His goosebump-inducing songs including 'Tujhe Kitna Chahein Aur', 'Lo Safar', 'Kaabil Hoon', have been topping the charts ever since the release. And now, the singer is spreading wings and paving his way to Hollywood.

A song titled 'Breaking the Rules' is Jubin's first international collaboration with a teen Hollywood thriller film 'Initiation', the Hindi version ('Aatishbaazi') of which was released on August 12. "It's a rock and roll number and has a very vintage '70s vibe to it. I created the sound along with Rocky Khanna and 13-year Abhrahim Khanna, who is the youngest music producer in India for Malson's first American project," said Jubin, adding, "It's was an extremely special project for me as I also got to don the director's hat for the first time. We shot the song amid lockdown in the picturesque setting of Uttarakhand."

Jubin further stated, "Lockdown has proven to be a great opportunity for me to expand my horizon and do things that I never thought of doing. It has also helped artistes like me to explore their depths. Bhaag daud me kitni baar hume samajh nahi aata ki gaane kaise banaane hain. Bhaad daud me kitni baar hum bhool jaate hain ki humne shuru kara bhi kyu tha. For me, it was time to connect back to the reason why I started creating music in the first place."

The 'Humnava' singer also addressed the recent controversy where AR Rahman came forward to reveal how he isn't getting enough work in Bollywood after winning international recognition. Is Jubin prepared to face anything similar, since he is taking the same road?

"I would be able to comment on it after some time. There is only one way to find out and I am already on it. Let's see how they react to everything! As for now, I think they love me and they love the hits I am creating," he answered. Having said that, Jubin feels his prime focus is his work. "I have been working to express and not impress anybody. When I am expressing, I don't even want to feel what others think about my work. If they like my song, it's good for me, but if they don't, I will learn something from it," asserted the singer, who wants to grow as an artiste and now get stuck in any kind of a stereotype. He believes it would be the death of an artiste.

Talking about his biggest strengths that have helped him survive in this super-competitive industry, Jubin says, "Out of all the talents and strengths I have, the biggest one is that I know when I am not good at something and need to back out. Everybody cannot sound great at everything – there are flaws and I am capable of acknowledging my flaws and weaknesses." he concluded.

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