'I want to be like Shah Rukh Khan'

Swara Bhaskar who is all set for her latest release, Anarkali of Arrah says that she wants to be like Shah Rukh Khan. "I want to be like Shah Rukh Khan. During my college days, I used to think about that one person who is known to the whole world. I thought of Presidents and Prime ministers but at last I came to the conclusion that it is Shah Rukh Khan. From that day on I decided that I want to be like him."

Known for her roles in movies like Nill Battey Sannata and Tanu Weds Manu, Swara said that she is not a spontaneous actor and have to work hard to get into the character. "I am not a spontaneous actor. When I act I try to be spontaneous. I have to work hard for every role." Anarkali of Arrah, which also stars Pankaj Tripathi and Sanjay Misra is the story of an erotic singer who hails from Arrah in Bihar. She is the popstar in her area who is confident of her success. But her life takes a twist when she comes in contact with a powerful man of the region.
While talking about her transformation, Swara said, "To get into the character of Anarkali I had to do a lot of research as I had no clue about her world and I have never been to Arrah. Before we started the film, I met the owner of the orchestra party in Arrah and the dancers to watch their shows."

The Raanjhanaa actor also added, "I was very excited about the look of the film as it was my chance to do something different. I have met these girls and watch their shows to use that as a reference. We used a very distinct look for the desi popstar Anarkali. We decided to use loud makeup and we did Anarkalis' shopping from Arrah."

When asked about the USP of her upcoming film, Swara said that the film, Anarkali... is set in a world which was last shown in Teesri kasam. But the portrayal of the dancing troupes and orchestra is different in this film.

"You have never seen a character like Anarkali because when we talk about the sexuality of women, there is a space of apology but the film is not about that. According to people's perspective, maybe Anarkali is characterless, so what? This is where the conversation starts. This is our USP," added the actor.

"When Avinash ji told me about the film, I was mesmerised by her story. I even started dreaming of Oscars. Now that I have done the film, I don't need Oscars any more. The way the film has been made, I'm very proud and honoured," said Swara. After grabbing the limelight for various reasons including the leaked scenes controversy, Anarkali of Arrah, which was previously titled Anarkali Arrahwali, written and directed by Avinash Das is set to release on March 24.
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