I sign a film if I like the subject: Akshay Kumar

Chandigarh: "Keep your brain back home while you visit to watch a movie on big screen to have a good laugh". This is how film actor Akshay Kumar reverted back when asked will he be doing any typical masala film like Housefull in future, which store no message or will stress more on meaningful cinema like Padman or Toilet Ek Katha, for which he is known much now a days.

The actor was in Chandigarh for the launch of a new song from Good Newws along with co-star Kiara Advani, rapper Badshah, Punjabi singer Hardy Sandhu and director of the film Raj Mehta.

About the selection of films that he do, Akshay said, "I sign a film if I like the subject. There's no method or calculation involved. It could be an ensemble cast or a solo project."

"My character in Hera Pheri didn't have a heroine and the one in Khaki died soon after the interval. I did these films because I liked the script," he added.

About his upcoming film Good Newws, he stated, "Do you now by virtue of IVF, eight million babies have come into this world? It's a story that touched me."

On being asked about his reactions when he got news of the arrival of his children, Akshay affirmed, "Personally speaking, there's no 'filmi' story behind receiving the good news about my children. I was right there with my wife when the doctor gave us the good news."

Akshay, who was replying effortlessly in Punjabi said that he feels at home when he is in Chandigarh.

"My father is from Amritsar and we are Punjabis. We are fun-loving and large-hearted people. That's the philosophy I believe in as well. If I don't hear or share jokes every day, I feel the day is a sort of waste."

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