'I relished The Adventure Of Kong: Skull Island '

Tom Hiddleston says for him The Adventure Of Kong: Skull Island was a chance to indulge in a genre he previously hasn't explored with great breadth. "As it was pitched to me, it was a big adventure film that was quite old-fashioned, but with a very fresh context," he says.

"Truly, I think there's a part of all of us that wonders how we would survive on an island untouched by man. Even better, how we'd survive on an island untouched by man and inhabited by King Kong!"

Hiddleston was involved in the project early enough that he got to have input into developing his mercenary, ex-special forces character Captain James Conrad, reported Contactmusic. "I wanted him to be someone who starts off in a world weary place," he says.

"And his experiences on the island give him a new humility in the face of the wonder and power of the natural world." To make the film, director Jordan Vogt-Roberts took his cast and crew to Hawaii, Australia and Vietnam.

"It was a completely unique experience. We traveled to these extraordinary locations where nature is at its most beautiful and terrifying, where you could believe that Kong as a myth could originate," Hiddleston says.
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