I look to stretch myself with every role: Naomi Watts

She likes to find something for herself in every character

New Delhi: Hollywood star Naomi Watts is careful how she chooses her roles. She likes to find something for herself in every character she plays. The Oscar-nominated actor says with each of her projects she has looked to stretch herself and grow as an artist.

"Every time I take on a role, I'm looking to stretch myself, to grow, and find something in it for me," Watts said, adding: "If the role doesn't connect with me, how could it possibly connect with an audience?"

Watts' latest avatar sees her essaying the life of journalist Gretchen Carlson in the limited series, The Loudest Voice, which dramatises the rise and fall of Carlson's former boss, Fox News creator Roger Ailes, essayed by Russell Crowe.

"Gretchen's story is one of empowerment and growth in survival, of self-preservation, of taking care of herself, and of the demand to be valued," said Watts.

The Loudest Voice spotlights Ailes' history of sexual abuse, and Carlson's landmark sexual harassment lawsuit against her boss that led to his ouster.

Watts, 50, found the story of Carlson "mind-blowingly uplifting".

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