I got more time to explore in 'Blacklist' than 'X-Men': Famke

With her portrayal of the red- haired mutant Jean Grey, Famke Jenssen became a favourite among X-Men fans but the actor believes there is a lot more to her side than the well-known movie character.

The 52-year-old actor says although working in the popular Hollywood movie series was a great experience, she did not get enough time to explore herself as Jean/Phoenix Force.

On the contrary, she had more time to nurture her role of Scottie Hargrave on TV show 'The Blacklist: Redemption', which airs in India on Colors Infinity.

"They are very different parts. With Scottie Hargrave, I get much more time to explore her for one. I have been in the 'X-Men' movies, but they're about so many different characters," Famke said.

The American crime thriller, about the president of a privately owned company, who has a bunch of mercenaries working for her, is a spin-off from the NBC series 'The Blacklist'.

"Scottie Hargrave is just very unique. She's very strong on the one hand and very vulnerable on the other. She's such an interesting woman. It was this dichotomy in her personality that I really wanted to put on the screen because it's rare to get to play somebody like that."

Over the years, Famke has worked in various films and TV shows and the actor says both the mediums have their own challenges.

"Television definitely works differently from films. You don't know the whole character. It's a little bit challenging at times as I have to create a character only knowing part of who she is and then having to find out along with everyone else more about her. It was much faster in terms of how you film a movie. So, it's just a different way of working, but I really love it. I'm having a great time."
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