I go with my instinct

Mumbai: For nine years, he has lived Chulbul Pandey in what he calls is a "parallel existence". If the maverick cop of planet Dabangg defines Salman Khan's superstardom more than any of his other screen avatars, the actor has now opted to become a part of the creative process driving Chulbul's mojo.

"Working on a popular character and franchise is not that easy. Audiences have certain expectations from the franchise and it is imperative that the next instalment should meet the criteria," says Salman.

Getting into the third Dabangg film happens with an obvious advantage. "It is indeed a benefit that the material has been tested and approved by the audience in the form of appreciation over the past two instalments," explains the actor, about the blockbuster series that has played a big role in taking his stature as a pop icon to an altogether different space.

Enjoying a high that most newcomers only dream of scaling, what is his game-plan for the future? "There is no game-plan, I go with my instinct," he says, with characteristic candour.

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