'I don't want to stop' Sukhe on upcoming international projects

New Delhi:As Punjabi music industry is growing and the artists are taking over the Bollywood playlist , 'Jaguar' hitmaker Sukhe is no exception in the race.

The music director turned singer believes that there is no such difference in Punjabi industry and Bollywood. In fact he feels that latter has welcomed all the Punjabi artists with open arms and given a good amount of opportunities to the artists. Enjoying his life as a singer, he said that being in this profession is fun, as one gets to perform, meet fans and interact with them.

After doing so many collaborations with big names of the industry like Badshah, and Raftaar, he aspires for more.

"As an artist, I think the bar is constantly rising high. I believe that this year is going to be a game-changer for me. I have a lot of international collaborations lined up too. I don't want to stop, I will keep going till I become the best."

The artist who has given many hits songs like 'Suicide', 'All black', to name a few – became popular with his song 'Jaguar' breaking the internet and remaining the all-time favourite number on dance floors and gyms till a long time.

On being asked about why Punjabi singers always focus on cars, girls, alcohol in their songs – he said because music is all about entertainment. According to him, people listen to songs for relaxation, to dance or have fun. Music doesn't have an educational purpose. "I believe that audience only defines us and our compositions. If they like such songs, that is the reason they are being made."

He believes that in the era of internet where everything is so open, one instantly knows if their work is liked or not. "Go on YouTube and see, songs with cars, alcohol, and girls are the ones getting hit. That is the reason why we keep making such songs," he further explained.

With likes, share and instant love from fans, comes the cut- throat competition. On the question of prevailing competition in this era of internet, Sukhe agrees that with innumerable open platforms, the competition level has increased.

Taking his career to new heights, the artist has some amazing things coming up soon. Apart from the international projects, a collaboration with Neha Kakkar and one with Jaani Maan are also in line. Following the remix trend, the singer will be releasing his song 'Jaguar' in a Bollywood film soon.

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