I am my own critic: Gauri Shinde

Director Gauri Shinde says she is critical of her own work and feels she could have done a better job with her last film Dear Zindagi.

"You always feel that the film could have been better.

I am my own critic. After there is a long gap in the film I look back and always feel I want to make certain changes. I keep regretting that there is one deleted scene, I wish I had added it in Dear Zindagi," Gauri said.

"There is a deleted scene of aircraft that is out on Youtube, I wished I had kept it but then there was an issue of time so we couldn't keep it. It was a hard call to take. But there are certain things right for that moment," she says.

Gauri is a bit nervous and also excited as the movie is now all set for the world television premiere today on Zee Cinema.

"It is always a different feeling whenever the film comes out for the first time, be it the theatres or TV. I hope more people watch it on TV again," she says.

Gauri says she casts actors as per the script's demand and feels lucky that stars like Sridevi, Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt agreed to work with her.

"I don't write stories keeping actors in mind. There is lot of hard work that goes into writing a good story and then it's a matter of luck to get actors like them," she says.

"I work hard on the stories which convince the actors to come on board for the films. I have been lucky that these three persons said yes to the films immediately after reading the story as they found something worthwhile," she says.

Her debut film won several awards but that was not the case with Dear Zindagi. The filmmaker, however, is not disheartened as she does not find the awards authentic.

"I don't believe in the awards system that we have. There is nothing entirely authentic about it but it's fine, they are not supposed to be taken seriously."

"If you get one (award) you feel happy but if you don't get an award it's fine. It doesn't matter to me (referring to not winning an award) as it is a bit of a game.

If they (award ceremonies) were credible it would have (mattered) to me but they are not," she says.
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