How Chris is moving beyond Captain America image

Los Angeles: Actor Chris Evans wants to break away from the Captain America image, and he is doing so by stretching out from his zone.

After nearly a decade after making his first appearance as Steve Rogers aka Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the 2011 film Captain America: First Avenger, Evans is ready for audiences to see him in a new light. He put down the shield for good in Avengers: Endgame.

He will be seen in a new light in whodunnit mystery Knives Out, which is directed by Rian Johnson.

"It's one of those scripts that you burn through – the type of movie that I like a lot and that I don't think gets made often enough," quoted as saying Evans about Johnson's script.

"I typically play magnanimous good guys and leaders, so this was a fun opportunity to play someone who is just out for himself. It was great to have that chance to stretch," he added.

"It was fun in the wake of his fantastic Marvel arc to play with how the audience perceives


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