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Hollywood's biggest stars' salaries revealed in the OTT era

Hollywoods biggest stars salaries revealed in the OTT era

Daniel Craig will be paid a whopping sum of 100 million (approximately Rs 744 crores) for the upcoming 'Knives Out sequels', as per a report in 'Variety' that details the salaries for major actors in their upcoming projects.

'Netflix' had spent 469 million to purchase the right to two sequels to Rian Johnson's acclaimed murder-mystery movie. This is over and above what Craig is being paid for James Bond film and if reports are to be believed, he received a salary bump for that.

The report revealed that streaming services have exponentially added to big stars' remuneration. 'Netflix' and 'Amazon' can pay more than big traditional studios like 'Disney' and 'Warner Bros.'. Other than Craig, Dwayne Johnson will be paid 50 million (approximately Rs 372 crores) by 'Amazon' after the company acquired his production 'Red One'.

The report also stated that Leonardo DiCaprio will get 30 million and Jennifer Lawrence will be paid 25 million for 'Netflix' disaster comedy 'Don't Look Up'. Julia Roberts gets 25 million for 'Leave the World Behind' at 'Netflix' while Ryan Gosling earned about 20 million for the 'Netflix' spy thriller 'The Gray Man'.

After 'WarnerMedia' announced that its every 2021 film will be simultaneously released in theatres and on 'HBO Max', its streaming service, it had to compensate filmmakers and actors for what will be lower box office collections (compared to exclusively theatrical releases).

'Variety' mentioned that a 20 million dollar salary has long been an industry standard since Jim Carrey pocketed that amount for the 1996 black

comedy 'The Cable Guy'. Chris Hemsworth will be paid upfront the same sum for the fourth 'Thor' movie, 'Thor: Love and Thunder', as will Sandra Bullock for 'The Lost City of D'.

Robert Pattinson will be paid only 3 million upfront for Matt Reeves' upcoming 'DC' movie 'The Batman'. This will be increased exponentially if the film is successful and sequels are green-lit.

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