Henry Cavill to don black Superman suit

Henry Cavill to don black Superman suit

Hollywood actor Henry Cavill will be seen donning the Superman suit once again for the much-awaited Zack Snyder's 'Justice League'. The director shared the news.

However this time, Snyder had told 'ComicBook Debate' that Superman will be seen wearing a black suit in his version of 'Justice League'.

"I really was always a very strong advocate for the black suit. I really wanted a black suit. It made sense for me because Superman is a character who notoriously does not grow. He is like a rock and everything just smashes against him. And we learn about ourselves by trying to change a thing that is unchangeable," said the director.

He added, "We do not really get it in this movie, the classic Superman. I also feel like the black suit is a great time delineator. If you see a flashback or a flash-forward of him in the black suit, then it lets you know where you are in time because it is very particular to this certain arc."

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