Has Bollywood become hollow and supine?

Has Bollywood become hollow and supine?

Kangana Ranaut recently misidentified an elderly woman participating in the ongoing farmer's protests as the now famous 'Shaheen Bagh dadi' Bilkis Bano, which led to a huge Twitter war erupting between Diljit Dosanjh and her. And though the two kept exchanging verbal volleys throughout Thursday. Diljit never hit below the belt or threw baseless accusations Kangana Ranaut's way like she did, yet never backed down an inch, which drew unanimous praise across most quarters on Twitter. However, some also felt the need to drag Bollywood as a whole into the spat, pointing out how the industry has still kept mum and it took a Punjabi star to give it back to a bully.

"Tragic state of Bollywood - even after so much abuse and slander they kept mum on Kangana. Finally, a Punjabi singer/actor had to deal with the gutter-mouth. It reveals just how hollow, impotent and supine Bollywood has become. Not being able to stand up for the nation, or for itself," a person wrote on 'Twitter'

Actors Swara Bhasker and Taapsee Pannu, who had been embroiled in an off-and-on spat with Kangana after she targeted them during an interview responded to the charge.

"Not everyone kept mum," wrote Swara as she tagged Taapsee Pannu and Richa Chaddha.

Taapsee, in turn, wrote, "That has always been the problem here. Hum kuch mayeno mein 'outsiders' hi rahenge na."

"I used to have immense respect for Kangana. I even tweeted in support when her office was demolished. I now think I was wrong. Kangana, being a woman, you should show the old lady some respect. If you have any etiquette then apologise. Shame on you," tweeted Mika Singh.

Richa Chadha also tweeted a cryptic comment:"Those who believe that everyone is a sell-out are the biggest sell-outs themselves."

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