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Harvey Weinstein's sexual abuse allegations uncovered by reporters

Harvey Weinsteins sexual abuse allegations uncovered by reporters

The first trailer of the much-awaited drama She Said released on Thursday and gave a glimpse into how two reporters uncovered the crimes of former film producer Harvey Weinstein. Carey Mulligan plays Megan Twohey, while Zoe Kazan plays Jodi Kantor in the film, which is an adaptation of Megan and Jodi's book of the same name. The film will release on 18 November.

The film adaptation of She Said will tell the inside story of how Megan and Jodi, The New York times reporters, brought down Harvey's empire. The Universal Pictures UK film, directed by Maria Schrader and adapted for the big screen by Ida and Colette writer Rebecca Lenkiewicz, will document how Megan and Jodi 'together broke one of the most important stories in a generation'. The trailer showed how Jodi (Zoe) began an investigation into the story, and later formed a partnership with Megan (Carey).

It showed them trying to break the silence of Harvey's victims, many of whom were bound by Non-Disclosure Agreements. Witnesses shut doors on their faces, cut their calls, and Harvey's team denied the allegations, but the duo continued to try to break the story. Towards the end, they decide that the only way the victims are going to speak up against Harvey is if they all do it together.

Megan and Jodi conducted an extensive investigation into the sexual abuse allegations against Harvey Weinstein in 2017. The former film producer was accused of sexual harassment or rape by more than 80 women, and was later sentenced to 23 years in prison.

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