Harry Styles inspires Adam Lambert a lot

Los Angeles: One Direction band star Harry Styles has numerous devoted fans who are inspired by him, and one of them happens to be singer Adam Lambert.

Clearly, Adam is in awe of Harry. He feels the "Sweet Creature" hitmaker is "really f***ing cool" and praises Harry for "doing his own thing", reports

"I love everything that Harry Styles is doing I'm like, 'Whoa! This is really f***ing cool!' This is an artist I like that's sort of doing his own thing, not following a bunch of trends, not getting sucked into people-pleasing, it sounds like he's doing it for himself and I think that's a similar path that I'm on," he said.

Speaking to the Spring / Summer 2020 issue of Rollacoaster Magazine, Adam also spoke about his singing process.

He added: "I don't tend to have a set style, I always like being inspired by something like my dad's crazy record collection, and remembering the stuff that was played around the house ... I started recognising that some of my favourite contemporary artists that I was listening to, were all referencing the past in a really beautiful way and I was inspired by that."

Not only this, Adam admits it was "a little bit like unchartered territory" when he first joined the music industry as a queer man and it was "also a bit scary".

"It was a little bit like unchartered territory, and it was exciting because I knew that it was a change, but it was also a bit scary ... The queer movement in music is like a whole niche now, it's this whole thing and what I love is that it's both a niche like a sub-category but it's also mainstream," Adam shared.

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