Harington's fans raise fund for charity

London: 'Game of Thrones' fans have rallied behind one of the show's stars, this time raising money for Kit Harington's campaign in support of one of his favourite charities.

Fans of the show and Harington's character, Jon Snow, have created a JustGiving account for the UK charity Royal Mencap Society and have already raised over 36,000 pounds out of the targeted 50,000 pounds, reported recently.

Described as a gesture of thanks to the man who has given 'GoT' fans "so much", the fan-led rally aims to help donate to the organisation that works with people with learning disabilities.

The actor first endorsed Mencap in August 2017.

"Kit Harington has given so much to the fans of the show over the past decade playing the King in the North, Jon Snow. He absolutely nailed his performance and we loved every second of screen time we had with him," the online fund raiser reads."This fund raiser is here to show Kit that we're incredibly thankful to him for the sheer amount of love and skill he put into Jon Snow for us to enjoy," the fund raiser described. Meanwhile, it was reported earlier this week that Kit was seeking treatment after his nearly decade-long stint on the series came to an end.

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