Halsey thanks fans for 'accepting' her vulnerabilities

Los Angeles: American singer Halsey has thanked her fans for being so "accepting" of her vulnerabilities.

"When I made 'Manic', I dove into those parts of me that weren't healed yet and I said, 'No, I'm not gonna wait 'til later. I'm gonna write about them right now'.

It was the most rewarding thing that I have ever done because you guys have been so unconditionally accepting of that, so thank you for being accepting of me," Halsey told Billboard, reports

Meanwhile, Halsey had said she's learned it's "not good" to date other musicians.

The singer said she actually finds having a different profession to her partner to be beneficial.

She said: "A friend of mine - another female artist who has been criticised for dating a lot of people - said, 'Ashley, you need to live your f***ing life and ignore what people say about you'."

"And so now I keep everything to myself in terms of my romantic relationships. I will say that it's good to not date another musician as then your work follows you everywhere. Now it's my personal life so I get to go home to somebody that I love and spend time with them, and it not be about work."

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