'Got to play characters I had never thought of'

New Delhi: The digital platform made it possible for her to play characters that are not merely "cardboard cutouts", says actor Shweta Tripathi Sharma who is gearing up for the second season of the web series 'Mirzapur'.

The actor praised the show's team for creating well-rounded characters in the crime drama. "It's very important to adapt. I came to OTT because I got to play characters I had never thought of. You always think, we'll do strong characters, we will not be cardboard cutouts, we'll add layers and colours to the character. But you also need support from your cast and crew. You cannot fight this battle alone," she said in an interview. Taking up 'Mirzapur' as a project was "the best bet" she played in her life, Shweta said.

"I did season one for season two. I knew where my character graph could go. So it was a bet I played and it was the best bet I've played in my life. I was very aware of Golu. In season one, I knew what she is, what she will be doing. I knew whatever juiciness and fun I could have with the character, I'll get that in season two."

Now that Golu has transformed in the bloodied aftermath of season one climax, the goals of her character have also changed.

"There's no right or wrong anymore. Interestingly, the way season one ended defined the Golu of season two. When priorities in life change, your personal agendas and dreams take a backseat," she concluded.

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