'Golden Tips' opens its flagship tea boutique and café 'Teattoria'

Golden Tips opens its flagship tea boutique and café Teattoria

Capturing the essence of Darjeeling is a home-grown tea brand 'Golden Tips Teas', which comes with a heritage of 80+ years and four generations of tea entrepreneurship. Following the 'direct from plantation + auction model', the expertise of 'Golden Tips' lies in sourcing, packaging and marketing of premium quality single-origin teas and tea blends. Apart from the domestic market, the company exports teas to 90+ countries with Russia, Japan, Mongolia, Nepal, Bhutan and now China being their main international markets.

'Golden Tips' has recently opened its flagship tea boutique and cafe 'Teattoria' in Darjeeling. It offers Italian/ Continental and Oriental cuisine along with specialty teas and exotic mocktails.

"We have endeavoured to cater to domestic as well as foreign customers, especially those visiting India, through our omnichannel presence across India and of course through our online route. Our specialised tea stores, including our flagship tea boutique and café 'Teattoria' are spread across Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Gangtok and are playing a major role in popularising the finest teas of India and making them available to connoisseurs," said the managing director of 'Golden Tips'.

The company operates mostly through its retail chains, omnichannel routes, the website ( and online marketplaces like 'Amazon'.

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