Girls now have superhero in Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot says young girls finally have a role model like Wonder Woman to look up to and is thrilled to be essaying the superhero on celluloid. The 31-year-old actor, who stars as the titular role in Wonder Woman, says her character in the film does not believe in gender discrimination, reported "She doesn't see (that) difference between any gender.

It's not even an issue. She comes from this world where men and women are equal and it's not a thing to be a man or to be a woman," says Gadot. She feels pride that the movie is in works and adds Wonder Woman fills the void for every little girl who needed an inspirational figure in her life.

"I feel very proud that finally this movie is being made, because all of you guys, all boys, always had a figure to look up to, whether it's Superman or Batman, or whatever it is, they always had heroes to look up to...and for girls, it's always the princesses are being saved or being passive and finally Wonder Woman, she's fearless, she's proactive,She believes she can do everything, and that's a true woman for me," says Gadot.
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