Gal executive produces documentary series

Gal executive produces documentary series

Actor Gal Gadot, whose latest project has her working behind the scenes as an executive producer of 'Impact', will debut on April 19 on the 'National Geographic' channel. It is a short-form documentary series.

The six-part series follows women in Brazil, California, Michigan, Puerto Rico and other places, who overcome obstacles and do extraordinary things. The women live in communities affected by violence, poverty, discrimination and oppression.

"I keep calling them my women of wonder because they are the true heroes," said the 35-year-old Israeli actor.

She added, "I go to set and put on my costume and fight to make-believe. But they actually are there on the ground, sweating and doing all they can to make the world a better place."

"My belief system is very close to Wonder Woman's belief system. I'm all about love and positivity and peace. That was a very good fit for me," said Gadot.

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