Frozen 2 comes with a green message

Los Angeles: Frozen 2 will not only take the story of princesses Anna and Elsa forward, but also tell a fantastical tale infused with an environmental message.

Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, co-directors of the film, say that the movie will put a spotlight on the power of nature.A

The makers found a deeper connect with nature while exploring the dichotomy of fairytale and myth. "We knew we wanted to explore magic in a deeper way. We had been very inspired by Norway, going into old folk tales and that sort of led us back to Old Norse myths and connected us to Iceland through the saga," Lee said while recalling the first research trip she took with the team, which established the role of nature in the storyline.

The research trip took them to Finland, Norway, north of the Arctic Circle and to Iceland.

Lee calls the whole experience powerful, which now reflects in the story.

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