Food and spirits

New Delhi: She may be more known for her passion for fashion, but food is as much of a forte for Bollywood producer Rhea Kapoor, who finds cooking "spiritual".

In a free-wheeling conversation, she shares how food helps get her closer to people. Excerpts:

How big a foodie you are?

Hundred per cent. Not only do I take pleasure in food, I also seek inspiration from it. I look forward to travelling because I want to try new cuisines.

I fall in love with people when they cook great food or their taste matches mine. I feel it's at the core of my world, which is sad,

but also good. Food is on my mind all the time.

Your favourite cuisine?

My favourite cuisine keeps changing, but I love Indian food. I also love Thai, Italian, French cuisines. I can't pick one cuisine.

Do you cook?

I love cooking. And I cook really well, but I have so many chef friends that I am scared to cook before them. Though I've cooked only a few times in the past year because of all the work, but I really look forward to weekends when I can cook and I do everything from scratch. It's like spiritual thing for me.

When you buy food, do you read the label?

Whenever I buy food I try to ensure that the product is fresh and organic, and has less preservatives.

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