Fans couldn't digest me getting beaten up

Mumbai: Actor Tiger Shroff says his action star image made it difficult for his fans to accept him in the character of a student who gets bullied and beaten up in Student of the Year 2.

The sequel also featured Ananya Panday and Tara Sutariya and was set in a fictional college campus but did not do well at the box office.

Tiger said he understood why the audience couldn't connect with the film.

"I got a lot of feedback from my fans as well, saying, 'We used to see you as this one-man army take down machines single-handedly and here you're getting beaten up in college, we couldn't digest that.' I guess it's my fault and my failure to not do it convincingly," Tiger said in a group

interview here.

The actor, known for his action films, is back to the genre with Baaghi 3.

Tiger said a good action film needs an emotional story, without which all the stunts in a film would appear as a showpiece.

"If there's no emotion or reason in an action movie, then that action just becomes a show reel and feels like a decoration. Once the action has a reason then that action multiplies and the audiences also feel connected and more engaged."

The action has been scaled up for the third movie in the franchise, which will be directed by Ahmed


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