'Fan support crucial for potential season 5'

Los Angeles: The makers of 'Lucifer' say fans support will play an important role in getting a potential fifth season for the show.

Executive producers Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson said the team will soon know if the series will be going in for another run at Netflix.

"They'll hopefully let us know within a month (by June 8). That tends to be how they do things with first-season shows, that they will hopefully let everyone know within a month. The bingeing and all the fan support helps with that," Modrovich told TVLine.

The show was brought back from the dead for a fourth season in 2018.

"To that point, the fan support is super-important, and in particular the (first) month is going to be crucial towards whether or not we get a season five, because they are paying attention," Henderson added.

He admitted the fan support had been "amazing" and "everything you could ask for".

Lauren German, who plays Chloe Decker, recently upped hopes for a fifth season in a teasy tweet last week.

Henderson and Modrovich recently spoke about their ideas for a fifth season should it get renewed.

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