'Exploring sociopolitical fabric of Haryana'

Exploring sociopolitical fabric of Haryana

Four More Shots Please!' star Maanvi Gagroo unveiled the poster of docu-film 'Cheer Haran' and said that the upcoming film explores the sociopolitical fabric of Haryana.

"There is no doubt that 'Cheer Haran' is an important film. It is handling of the sociopolitical fabric of Haryana. Its depiction and researched understanding of the events leading up to the riots of February 2016 is thorough. Documentaries have been one of my favourite genres and 'Cheer Haran' is a well made one and relevant too," said the Bollywood actor.

Kuldeep Ruhil's directorial documentary film focuses on the 2016 riots that had erupted in Haryana following protests over the reservation.

"I am grateful to the audiences for their positive response to the trailer of 'Cheer Haran' and to Maanvi Gagroo for launching its motion poster. As we are edging closer to the release of the documentary, the positivity of the documentary is growing and that is very encouraging. I hope we make the desired impact with Cheer Haran," said the director.

The film is scheduled to release on January 29.

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