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Exploring sensitive and disputable aspects of art

Exploring sensitive and disputable aspects of art

More than half a decade ago, a handful of art enthusiasts felt that the Indian art scenario had a few shortcomings. Lack of transparency ruled the roost. Fiefdoms of self-proclaimed connoisseurs decided the goodness of an artwork. Skill was celebrated at the expense of originality or depth.

To address these challenges, the online platform, was founded by Saikat Baksi from Pune, Sumedha Baksi from Kolkata and Partha Hor from Bangalore. Dr Sunandan Roy Chowdhury, an art lover from Kolkata, rendered active support to serve the causes shared by the other three.

Besides an online gallery, 'Romartika' takes various other initiatives to spread awareness about art among people.

'Romartika' endeavours to unearth the movers and shakers of tomorrow. Regularly, webinars are organised to explore sensitive and disputable aspects of art and life in modern days. In the pursuit of making art a general matter of interest, 'Romartika' keeps exploring possibilities of developing new features.

Recently, 'Romartika' launched a unique platform in 3D space. It offers a lifelike experience of walking through a gallery. Currently, a group show is being held in its 3D gallery space. Three gifted artists, Arijit Roy, Nisha Sapre and Shaikh Ahsan are exhibiting their amazingly beautiful and mysterious artworks till June 25, 2021.

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