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Based in Mumbai, Bhavya Gandhi like any other Indian kid watched Tv and dreamt of becoming an actor... a star. Never had he known, that one day he will be the 'face' of a television show.

Starting his journey in 2008 with 'Taarak Mehta ka Oolta Chashma', the actor is achieveing new heights with every passing day. He has also appeared as child lead Suryakant in the 2010 Hindi-spoken film Striker.

In an interesting conversation with Millennium Post, the 21-year-old actor reveals how he got the role in famous SAB sitcom, other projects, future plans, and much more:

'All that glitters is not gold'. How true is this statement with regard to the industry?

Definitely, I have learned this thing, all that glitters is not gold. As an actor, one may witness a lot of times in the industry where things look glittery, but alas! They aren't really.

If I talk about newcomers especially, they often enter the industry with a lot of expectations and feel that even they will achieve everything like others, which often leads to disappointment.

Therefore, every person in the industry faces a different struggle, so for the outsiders I would like to tell that it is important to understand that all that glitters is not gold.

How did you land up in 'Taarak Mehta ka Oolta Chashma'? How was your experience/journey of working in that show?

Like all other actors, I got to know about the show and gave an audition. And as far as my journey in the show is concerned, I think not only me but the whole country has witnessed this journey with me – seen me grow.

No doubt, it was a beautiful experience. I often call it as 'unexpected journey' as I never expected it to become so big and so great. In all this time, I have received a lot of love from the audience.

Do you think 'Tappu' is going to be your identity for a long time?

Though I am in this industry to play different characters, but if people remember me by this character, it's okay. I am working on myself and to play characters that will be memorable. Also I believe that unlike the actor, his or her character stays alive forever.

After establishing yourself as Tappu, how easy/ difficult was it to find new work. Why?

I would not say that it was difficult or easy, it is just that people have always imagined me as a child. But luckily this notion also changed recently, after the movie Bau Na Vichaar.

Where do you see yourself in next 5 years? What are your future plans?

I like to live in the present and try not to worry about what future has for me. All I know is that I would like to work, explore myself, and learn new things. And I will do whatever it takes to achieve that.

If not an actor, what would you be?

Had I not been an actor, I would be a businessman. Alternatively, I think I could have even explored direction.

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