Eva Green talks about playing astronaut in new movie 'Proxima'

Eva Green talks about playing astronaut in new movie Proxima

Los Angeles: Actor Eva Green says through her new movie "Proxima", she realised that the job of an astronaut is quite sacrificial and demanding as they have to spend so much time apart from their family.

Green, known for movies such as "Casino Royal", "The Dreamers" and "Dark Shadows", stars in filmmaker Alice Winocour's French drama as Sarah, an astronaut mother.

Sarah is trying to balance her work as an astronaut preparing for a year-long stint on the International Space Station with her family life as mother to an eight-year-old daughter Stella.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Green said that cinema has often "glamourised" space travel but that is not the case in reality.

"You've seen a lot of movies that glamorise space travel, but this is a movie that's happening on Earth. Alice gave me some homework, I had to read several books and watch documentaries. Learning about real-life astronauts like Scott Kelly, I really realise how demanding it is and how much sacrifice it involves.

"They embrace it because they know it is for the greater good. I was fascinated by this sense of sacrifice, it's very beautiful and saintlike," the 40-year-old actor said.

Green further said the challenges faced by astronauts are both mental and physical in nature.

"You think, 'Oh my God, it must be so glamorous to be an astronaut,' but when you go up there, your cells age 40 years, and the longer they are in space the more profound the changes are. The place they're going to is something dark and silent, it's close to what death is," she added.

"Proxima" also stars actors Matt Dillon, Lars Eidinger and Sandra Huller. The film was released in the US on video-on-demand.

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