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Entreprenuer turned Producer-Director Anurag Dandiya to drop his latest song 'Exquisite Ishq Tera' soon

Entreprenuer turned Producer-Director Anurag Dandiya to drop his latest song Exquisite Ishq Tera soon

Producer-Director Anurag Dandiya believes in reinventing himself constantly and taking a deep plunge into different domain of his interest. After 30 years of career in corporate he has finally decided to involve himself in the entertainment industry and has chosen independent music to get started. The America based serial entrepreneur has done remarkable job in the corporate sector and currently owns a multinational firm called Anthros Inc. His upcoming song Exquisite Ishq tera is Electro-Pop number. Here are excerpts from an exclusive interview with Dandiya:

What got you on board Exquisite Ishq Tera?

Performing Arts has always been an area of interest for me. The reason is my 16 years old son Aidan Dandiya, who has always been interested in acting. In fact Aidan was the reason why I chose to venture into Direction.

I still remember when I first heard 'Exquisite Ishq Tera' by Vivek Verma, I was driving to my office. The track didn't instantly strike the chord, but there was definitely something extremely catchy about the tune. It was stuck in my sub-conscience and gradually I fell in love with it.

What was on your mind while directing it?

When my son Aidan Dandiya heard the track, he recommended me to direct it. I took his suggestion and went for it. All I can say as of now is that the video will definitely grab the audience's attention with its story.

Tell us about the video and how was it working with Vivek Verma?

Overall it was a great experience working with Vivek as he was quite sure about what exact outcome he wanted with this song. That helped me a lot in planning the outline for the visuals.

The song 'Exquisite Ishq Tera' is a perky soft electro-pop number. In the track, I have tried to keep the ethnicity of the Punjabi culture blended in with the surface of antique old British Vibe of the visuals. The tune is shot exclusively on Vivek and has a storyline where he wanders around, thinking about a young lady whom he met once and fell in love. We haven't uncovered the essence of the young lady according to the tune and lyrics.

What's next?

As Anthros Inc is my firm which is operational in United States of America in 42 different states. We offer expertise in Human Resources but with the song 'Exquisite Ishq Tera' I am launching Anthros Inc Production, where I am planning to launch my son Aidan next.

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