Gal Gadot did reshoots during pregnancy

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins revealed that Gal Gadot finished some reshoots of the DC's latest superhero film, while she was five months pregnant.

In November last year, the 31-year-old Israeli actor, returned to Leavesden Studios outside London to perform a few running and fighting sequences, reported Entertainment Weekly.

"She's pregnant during part of the movie, in a suit out in a field in the freezing cold in others. There are so many things we asked her to do: Now do it on one foot. Now shout while you're doing it. Now it's raining in the freezing cold and you've lost your voice, go. Everyday it was a hilarious gauntlet and she would do it," Jenkins said.

The director joked that, "Now, at least, we will be able to tell her (new) daughter Maya that she's in her mom's stomach right then, in the middle of that battle scene." Maya is Gadot's second daughter, whom she welcomed in March earlier this year with husband Yaron Versano. The couple also has five-year-old Alma.
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