Kriti Sanon is a special friend,says Sushant

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput says that he shares a very special bond with his Raabta co-star Kriti Sanon as he feels that she is very transparent and hard working.
Excerpts from the interview:

Q. The chemistry between you and Kriti is scorching and sizzling. Is there more to this on-screen chemistry than meets the eye?
Kriti listens to every thing happening in a scene intently and reacts to it and I try and do the same. This is the only reason I feel that most of the times the chemistry between us is appreciated. It was there even when we were auditioning together for the first time and didn't know each other.

Q. How would you define and describe your relationship with Kriti?
Kriti is a very dear and a special friend. There are many things that we can talk about, and share similar passions. Delhi background, engineering, food, films. She is also very transparent and a very hard working actor, which I absolutely admire.

Q. Raabta is a film about love afterlife. Do you still believe in eternal love?
I don't believe in afterlife or reincarnation. I also can't make too much sense of life itself. But I genuinely feel if there's anything worth doing, it has to be for love.

Q. Raabta comes in the midst of an unprecedented wave of Hollywood biggies like Pirates Of The Caribbean, Wonder Woman, Baywatch, The Mummy, not to mention Baahubali. How confident are you of your film making an impact?
Filmmaking, I feel, is a subjective experience. So, as an actor I can't comment on that. Having said that I feel that if a movie is engaging enough to not let you think about anything else, it definitely resonates with audience and according to me Raabta is an extremely engaging film.
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