Sansa Stark to walk the dark path

Actor Sophie Turner has hinted that her character Sansa Stark in 'Game of Thrones' will go darker and turn evil in the forthcoming seventh season of the fantasy series. Turner talked about the forthcoming season of the show in an interview to Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore, reports

She said, "(Sansa has changed) from being a naïve, vulnerable innocent young woman and being such an underdog… to being a leader, powerful and hungry for revenge from the people who have done her family wrong.
"I can totally see her becoming a Cersei and kind of driven mad by it, by the threats against her family. At the end of the day, that's why (Cersei) does the things that she does, because she's terrified of losing the people she loves. And so she'll stop at nothing to protect them."

The actor, who also stars in film X-Men: Apocalypse added: "If that means becoming like a ruthless killer, leader, sadistic woman or evil lady, then so be it. I don't think it matters to her, and I can see Sansa
swinging that way too."
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