Sex in thirties is amazing: Katy Perry

Singer Katy Perry says sex in thirties is amazing, adding that her sex life is fun, consensual and intimate.

Perry, 32, has revealed that only now has her sex life reached an all-time high as she hit her thirties.

According to the Sun newspaper, she talked about her sex life while chatting with the audience after her gig at The Water Rats pub on Thursday, reports

She had dated Bloom for a year before they split on amicable terms just a month ago.

The "Roar" hitmaker said: "Let me tell you, if you're not having great sex now, in your thirties it's going to be amazing."

Perry added: "I can't speak to those of you in your forties but I bet it's (sex) great. And it's fun and it's consensual and it's intimate. It's so much fun if it's consensual and beautiful."

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